Central Florida

    Worship Center

2 Major Request for our church.

We are Advancing the Kingdom of God in the Central Florida area.

We need your help

  1. Pray for us that God will provide us with a permanent place to worship. We have a congregation but no place to call our own. We need a church building.
  2. Pray for us that God will provide the finances to further the Kingdom of God.

God can do what seems impossible to man and make faith a reality. He is still the God of miracles. We have great faith that God will give us our church building.

This is where we were worshipping until.... 



August 31, 2004 a gas tanker truck, lost it's breaks and crashed into our building, leaving us without a place of worship
We were not at all discouraged. I Preached a sermon a week before and told the church in a sermon "Pack your bags God is getting ready to take us on a field trip" The title of that sermon was "Coming out of your comfort zone" God took us to several different places and showed us "greater things"

we asked God to make His Church known in this city.

God did just that.




Bank tries to foreclose on our property but God sends help our way. We needed $70,000.00 to satisfy the bank. Days before they would foreclose, a miracle happened. God sent a check of 70k to us from a source that heard our request and saved our property. PRAISE THE LIVING GOD!
We Have remodel our place and have worshipped here for the last 6 years. But we have now out-grown this building.
We are in need of classroom space, office space, nursery and prayer rooms, baptismal pool, pastors study, a sanctuary that sits a least 400 - 600 people and much more to adequately and efficiently function for God's glory. God has the building somewhere. Either it will be given to us or God will bless us with the finances to purchase or build our own. Pray with us please.

The next picture below represents the building of souls not brick and mortar. We are not driven by obtaining property although it's a need but rather the obtaining of souls saved from sin. God will provide the means for where and how we meet as we grow as a congregation. If you are not part of a saved and sanctified and unified body of believing saints of God, we invite you to come and be a part of the church of God.

The Central Florida Church of God is moving forward to the next level. We need your support. We have a burden for souls and desire to see souls saved and delivered from sin, saved, sanctified and unified with the body of Jesus Christ his Church.

God never puts limitations on potential, desire and reaching beyond human expectations and possibilities. For the bible says where there is no vision the people will perish.

Our vision will become a reality. God will bless us with the house and home for the souls that are being saved. We need some place to put them. Pray for the building and pray for the land.